Village & School Art Projects

The Concept

I am really keen to develop the ‘Village Project’ concept going forward. Working within village communities is really interesting. The subject is contained and the community are easy to engage. Meeting and talking to people about their home patch in the context of painting and drawing as an artist is an emotional experience. Looking and discovering interesting features and creating a ‘portrait’ of the village or town is particularly enjoyable as the people who live there are interested in the work because it is about them and their place. I have found the whole process very rewarding and putting on a community-based exhibition at the end of the project is amazing.

The Children of the Villages

It was important to me when conceiving the idea for ‘Both sides of the River’, to engage with the whole village community of Taffs Well and Gwaelod-Y-Garth and in particular, the children of both primary schools who would be of fundamental importance to the ethos of the artistic project.  

Expression & Encouragement

I had initially invited both head teachers to meet with me to discuss the involvement of the children in the exhibition, which we did and both were very keen to let the children express themselves and have their art displayed in a ‘proper’ art exhibition. Subsequently, I have spent several days working with the children offering advice, showing them my work and encouraging them to produce artwork on the theme of Taffs Well and Gwaelod-Y-Garth. The result is that over 100 pieces of art have been produced by the children, all of which will be exhibited alongside my work at the exhibition from 6th - 20th April 2019.

Art as a Stimulus

I have found the experience of working with the children inspiring having always believed that creating pictures, drawing and developing art appreciation across all painting and drawing mediums encourages the development of creative thinking and problem-solving in children. This can be a useful facility which can positively contribute to better achievements in other academic areas. Art and being an artist is also fun and an extremely sociable activity when carried out together. 

I want to thank all the children I worked with on this project for their brilliant contribution. You have all inspired me. Thank you all!

Kevin Williams – Artist

What they said...

"The children in year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kevin on his exhibition 'Both sides of the river'. Kevin has inspired the children to produce some marvellous work and they are thrilled that their work will be being shown alongside his at the exhibition. It has also sparked their interest in finding out more about their local area and its history? They simply can't wait to see the work up. From a teaching perspective, it is great to have a visiting professional artist willing to spend time with the children and inspire them with his own story of how he became an artist".

Claire Maddern – Teacher at Ysgol Gynradd Gwaelod-Y-Garth