About Artist Kevin Williams


Kevin Williams - Welsh Artist

Kevin Williams is a Welsh artist currently living between Wolverhampton and the South Glamorgan village of Taff’s Well, 6 miles north of Cardiff and the place of his birth. He was educated at Taff's Well primary school, Radyr Comprehensive School, Birmingham Art College and West Midlands College of Higher Education. He has a BA Degree in Visual Communications.

Previous Life

Kevin has spent many years as a professional graphic designer and photographer. He was also Print and Design Manager at Walsall Council for 10 years. Since 2014 Kevin has been a freelance visual artist initially setting up a Visual Communications company called Frank Image Ltd. In 2018 he made the decision to put 100% of his working efforts to painting and drawing and since then has not looked back, producing over 150 works of art.

Life as a Professional Artist 

Kevin started his professional art career winning the Newhampton Arts Centre, ‘Paint the day’ competition 2018. He has also exhibited twice at the ‘Lighthouse media Centre’ Wolverhampton in 2018. Since then he has developed an approach to producing and selling his work. “I have gone into the local village communities and worked on images of that locality. I then set up exhibitions within the community and invited everyone to come along. This approach has been amazingly rewarding in every way. I love the engagement with the people, to hear them talking about the scenes in my work and the relevance it has to their lives. I have also worked with primary schools in each village, spending time coaching the children and asking them to participate in my exhibition. The response is heartwarming as all of the children I have worked with have responded amazingly and have produced wonderful work about their own villages which I have then displayed amongst my work in the exhibitions. 

 My Approach

“As an artist I am developing. My use of oil paint is getting better and I am really enjoying the medium. I have experimented with acrylics and enjoy watercolour. I also love to work with charcoal and graphite sticks on paper. Does it really matter what medium an artist uses? I find different subjects and circumstances suit different media. I feel I am developing as an artist and the community approach has really helped me focus on subjects and themes which are relevant to my audience as well as myself".

The Bigger Picture

"I am painting and drawing every day and selling a surprising amount of my work. It is not easy to make ends meet as a full time artist but I am managing to survive. I now have a body of work which tells a story of the area of the Taff Vale in the 21st century. Landscape is a telling subject, times will change and I hope my work stands the test of time so that in years to come, those who own my work will cherish the vision I have today."

“The most important thing about all of this”, says Kevin, “is that I am so very happy with my life now I am a full time artist”.