Photography & Video Services

Wedding walk in St Fagans Castle Gardens


Kevin's photography has featured in solo exhibitions, commissions for TV and National news media as well as countless weddings and events. He currently works with a digital SLR (Nikon DC610 and a number of professional lenses, Nikon Speedlight flash systems and lots more).

The Good Old Days

Originally, and still occasionally, he works with film and develops and makes his own black and white prints. ‘I miss the magic of the darkroom. Digital offers such control and the facilities in Photoshop are endless, but there is something special about watching your image come up on the paper in a developing tray in the darkroom'.

Passing the Knowledge On

Kevin has also had a lot of experience teaching young people photography. He has run many projects over the years which includes teaching ‘pinhole’ photography - 'What on earth is that?', I hear you ask? Get in touch and we can discuss it. Kids love the magic of making a simple camera out of a box and some tin foil, taking a picture and developing the picture themselves. It’s like going back to the beginning of photography and learning the principles without the endless possibilities that digital cameras offer. 

Video Services

Kevin's skills as a specialist photographer are always in demand and he covers all manner of briefs which include weddings, portraiture and landscapes. Prices vary according to the commission. He has also produced a number of commercial videos for both internet and social media as he uses his experience of formerly working for a Video company in Birmingham called ‘Studio 9’, maintaining his interest in this medium ever since. Video commissions are not as expensive as you might imagine.


Exchanging wedding rings at St. Fagans Castle

Children at a wedding at St. Fagans Castle


Wedding couple at St. Fagans Castle Gardens



Girl behind glass picture portrait


Female singer in a Cardiff University Choral group


Wedding bride picture portrait


Cwm Idwal, Snowdonia


Running water with a slow shutter speed in Snowdonia


Mountain lake in Snowdonia


Desolate plain looking across at Usk reservoir, Brecon


Looking down from the Black Mountain, Brecon


Walking towards Fan Brycheiniog, Brecon

Taff's Well & Surrounding Area

Taff's Well looking across from the Garth Mountain


A sneak look through the trees at the Garth Mountain from the Graig Mountain


A view of Taff's Well nestling in the Taff Vale Valley from atop the Garth Mountain


Photograph portrait of a dog


Photograph of a horse laughing?


Photograph of two wild ponies at sunset

Mother Nature

Insect eaten leaves in a woodland forest


Wild toadstools in a woodland forest


Purple flora in a woodland forest