Guitar Lessons

Acoustic & Electric Guitar Tuition

Looking for professional acoustic or electric guitar tuition in the Taff’s Well, Pontypridd, Caerphilly, Cardiff area? Well, we can help you! Our Dave is a product of the Guitar Institute of technology, London and has been playing live, writing and recording for over 35 years. He also studied under the legendary guitar tutor Iain Scott who taught in the Guitar Institute of Technology, Hollywood and played in the same band as the incredible Frank Gambale, one of the world’s leading jazz fusion players.  

Why learn to play the guitar?

Well, there are many reasons why you may want to play the guitar, namely:

  • To play songs by your favourite bands/guitar players
  • Progress through the academic grades
  • Play in a band
  • Improve as you already play the guitar
  • You just need a hobby!

Learning the rudiments such as the 'Blues Scale' (above)

Learning isn’t a race and the process should be fun so it encourages you to keep practising which is where the secret to being a good musician really lies. To break down it down even further, here’s what areas are typically covered within the lessons:

  • Rock/Pop/Blues/Folk/Jazz/Country/Funk etc.
  • Technique
  • Harmony/Theory (chords, scales, modes, arpeggios etc)
  • Reading
  • Ear training
  • Improvisational skills
  • Preparation for Rock School exams

You’re free to learn whatever you want to but the best advice would be to listen to someone who has been through the learning process and whose aim is to get you to your goals in the shortest space of time.

Lesson Structure

Whether you just want to play a few riffs to belt out a tune at home without learning any theory or grab the lessons by the scruff of the neck with the ambition to be as good as you can possibly be – it’s entirely up to you.

To help you focus, the lessons will comprise of:

  1. Structured lessons around your aims and taste in music
  2. Lessons structured around your learning pace
  3. Personalised handouts
  4. Learning to play your favourite songs

If you're interested, then drop us a line and we'll get Dave to give you a call.

Teaching rates: £20 hr     £13 1/2 hour